Nah nah nah texter

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah Hey boots Nah, nah, nah Hey boots Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah Hеy boots {Verse 2} Oh, they must be gettin' tirеd Trying to slow and steady me Trying to steer who I should be Gotta say I admire How determined they can be Foolin’ themselves so pitifully {Pre-Chorus} Some of em they don't like it How I know where I'm going Momo's also announced that Hair Nah is going to be a mobile app in the future! Can't wait to take this 'first person slapper' on the road. And I can't wait to take every opportunity I can to have a kind word for the curlies that cross my path and to present a teachable moment to everyone else. Let’s go, Let’s go, Don’t you say no, nah nah nah She say she don't want no love She just wanna dance She just wanna grip my body, fuck me hardly, yeah yeah Ain't no taking chances You fucking with my senses Fucking with my feelings next time ain't no make advances She don’t want no love She just wanna dance Nah nah nah Oh oh oh oh Fyller min ficka (Fyller min ficka, fyller min ficka) De e drive by Jag och Jiggy (Bilen den kickar) Straynane [Vers 1: Z.E & Jiggz] Jag knullar hoesen med mitt team (Nasty) Hey (Nah Neh Nah) ( översättning till spanska) Artist: Vaya Con Dios Medverkande artist: Dani Klein; Även framförd av: Milk & Sugar; Sång: Hey (Nah Neh Nah) 9 översättningar Översättningar: grekiska, kroatiska, persiska, rumänska, ryska, serbiska, spanska, turkiska, ungerska Önskningar slovakiska Nah at actually keeping the convo going, friends say I'm a pretty dry texter. level 1. 14M 2 points · 2 hours ago. i’d like to think so, much rather talk irl though. level 1. 1 point · 2 hours ago. kind of. level 1. 15F 1 point · 2 hours ago. Nah not really. level 1. 19M 1 point · 2 hours ago. idk. Legend Lyrics: Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah / Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah nah / Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah / Nah, nah, nah, nah / Here we go, here we go ...

TIFU by spilling someone's diet Pepsi...

2020.09.25 23:16 bitchman194639348 TIFU by spilling someone's diet Pepsi...

So this actually did happen today and the story gets a little more escalated than the title may make it sound.
I'm not proud of anything I did in this story
So I'm in high school, and everyday during lunch hour me and some friends go and sit on the heater outside of our school just to hang out for a bit. So today we did the same thing, except this time I accidentally knocked over one of my friend's drinks which just happened to be a diet Pepsi since he's a fatass. I immediately picked it up, and said sorry. So I was definitely going to buy him another Pepsi because that's just what you do.
That was until his friend started to threaten me if I didn't get him a Pepsi. Though he was kidding, so I was just like "nah it's only a Pepsi". Kept threatening me so I kinda just walked away to our school's vending machine where they had diet Pepsi so I could get him another one. They never followed me so I would just give the Pepsi to him once class started since he was in the same class as me.
When I got to the next class tho, he told me he was fine if I didn't get him one and he said I didn't have to. So, there is this girl that I USED to like about 1 day ago and everyday since grade 4. She basically heard all of this, (his friends threats, I spilled his Pepsi etc.) Everything. So I later texter her in that class saying that Isaac didn't want it.
Some more backstory, I'd been talking to this girl everyday lots of the time because, get this, she told me that the guy who threatened me SEXUALLY ASSAULTED HER and she needed some sort of """therapist""" so I talked to her a bunch to try and make her forget about it. (haha I get it im a simp ik) So after I told her that, I made a joke saying "do you want me to poison (guy who threatened me) with the Pepsi?" So this is basically how the rest of our conversation went:
Her: "yea do it lol 😂 but he can't die tho" Me: "nah he won't die he'll just feel a little dizzy for a bit" Her: "wait don't actually do it" Me: "y" Her: (me) wtf? Me: "he deserves it right he sexually assaulted you and threatened me?"
I sort of have a dark sense of humor too, and she knows this so idk how she took this seriously. She then proceeds to get her friend to take pictures of her phone screen. (If you didn't know snapchat tells people when you take a screenshot) Then, she sends them to the guy who's Pepsi I spilled and they all take it seriously. He then proceeds to tell the guy who I said I wanted to "poison".
So now the guy who's Pepsi I spilled says that I'll have to 'deal' with him and his friend on Monday. Just really happy it's Friday today so I have a whole weekend before I get my ass beat. The bitch I used to like is also lying to them and telling them I said more things than I did. I've told some of my friend's the whole story and all of them are on my side, and even some of the friends of the bitch are on my side.
So now I'm just imagining how different my life would be atm if I never made that simple movement and knocked over that guys Pepsi. The thing I'm most worried about is word spreading around the whole town that I'm a kid trying to poison people. I couldn't care less about getting my ass beat once and then it being over with, but what happens after?
TL;DR: knocked over one of my friend's drinks, said sorry and was going to buy another one for him. His friend then threatened me, and the guy who's drink I knocked over told me I didn't actually have to buy him one even though I already had. Made a joke to a girl on snap about poisoning the guy who threatened me and now she told both of them about me wanting to "poison" them. Gonna get my ass handed to me when the weekend is over ig.
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2020.08.09 19:42 MTBmadness How do I (M20) tell my girlfriend (F20) that her blunt texting really brings my mood down?

TL;DR - Girlfriend is super blunt when she texts me when she's upset, won't let me talk to her about it, and comes across as rude and like she doesn't wanna talk even though she says she does.
My girlfriend is always a blunt texter. Usually, she texts in a cool enough way that it doesn't really bother me, but its when she's feeling down that it affects me.
A couple days ago she told me she was 'feeling a bit meh', I told her I loved her and asked if she wanted to talk and she just said 'I love you too & nah'. It's obviously fine to not want to talk, but she never really opens up to me when she's in these moods. Anyway, she continued to be blunt all night - and by blunt, I mean rarely getting more than 1-5 words per text. She can even come across as a bit rude, ignoring things I send her on other socials to watch - even this time a couple days ago just saying 'yeah was cool' when I sent her a video I'd made and was super proud of but worried if it was good or not. I was hoping for a little more reassurance.
It's really just a massive struggle to try and make conversation with her when she's like this. It sometimes makes me ask her if she even wants to talk and she always says yeah, and then if I was to say I don't wanna text for a bit she'd get upset. It came out later that night the reason why she was 'feeling meh' and we had a little talk about it but it ultimately didn't help her mood like usual. I do try my best but I can just never seem to help. I felt bad afterwards for being drawn into being a little blunt back that night, after she explained, but its this same loop every time.
It's just frustrating because I really want to talk to her but it's just so hard to act happy all the time when I'm getting nothing back. I completely understand how being upset can put you in a mood, but it always seems to just be rubbed off on me without making an attempt to have much of a conversation with me despite saying she wants to talk. Whenever I'm upset, I'll always either still act the way I normally do in my texts so I don't rub my mood onto her, or if its really bad I'll tell her and sometimes I'll go for a bit until I'm okay or we talk or I simply just let her know I might not seem myself for an hour or so.
I want to tell her its affecting me in the nicest way possible, because I don't want her to feel shit about feeling shit herself but I'm unsure how to do that.
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2020.07.24 05:58 HollyGoldheart AITA for refusing to stop sending multiple texts to my best friend?

Background: I am an avid texter. I don’t like talking on the phone much. But I understand some people would rather talk on the phone then text and I respect that fully. Like you do you. But sometimes when I text, I think of things to say after I send a message or something I might have Forgotten to mention. It is very common for me. Most of the time, no one I text has a problem with this. But for some reason my best friend does.
Don’t get me wrong, I adore my best friend and wouldn’t trade her for anything ever. But we keep having this disagreement about my way of texting because she doesn’t like how I text. I keep telling her it isn’t gonna change and she can’t expect me to change how I text to make her happy. She gets upset at me when I say that and always says “You could just change it for when you talk to me.” Or something along those lines. But I keep telling her no and refusing because my mind doesn’t work that way.
I have also told her that she could always just put her phone on silent or vibrate. But she never really says anything back. I have always texted this way most of my life too. And no one else has a problem with it, just her.
I’ll clarify that most of the time, I’ll send 2-4 texts at once On average. Because I will sometimes have an after thought or forget to say something, I am sure it has happened to other people. And I never send her like 20 texts in a row. Cause that would even annoy me.
And her way of “giving me a taste of my own medicine” as she calls it is to send one word texts back which annoys the stuffing outta me Cause 1 word texts are more annoying then multiple texts that are complete sentences.
Now I love and respect my best friend and I respect that she hates texting and would rather call People. But I refuse to text the way she wants me to when no one else has a problem with it.
Am I the Ass hole?

update: So guess it is a resounding “I am the ass hole here”. I did get a good suggestion from Minktek in the comments I like and Will try out.
“NAH. Or YTA, depending, relationships always go both ways. Okay so I understand where you are coming from , as I do the same thing. (Admittedly NO ONE has complained to me about it).
Compromise. Ask your friend to mute you on her phone and you ONLY SEND TWO TEXTS MAX per response. So if she says "Hi, how are you?" You may only respond with two separate texts max before her next response. And you may only send two consecutive texts without prompting every new day. So if you text her once in the morning, you can only text her once at night if she hasn't responded.
Honestly if you're not willing to adjust yourself to her comfort why should she? If you don't do the bare minimum to meet halfway then she doesn't have to do jackshit for you. Of course emergencies are a different kettle of fish, but you two should talk about what constitutes as an emergency.”
So thanks Minktek for your suggestion.
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2020.06.27 15:46 uncertaintykills101 Summer fling/first dating experience.

Okay bit of a story here.
As a precursor it's important to mention that I'm in my early 20s and have basically no dating history. Just was never my thing in high school/college as I was focused on other things. I'm also very much the hopeless romantic type who wants something meaningful or intimate or nothing at all.
So back in March I (23F) matched with and began talking to this guy (22M) on tinder (we had actually gone to high school together, were never much of friends but had close circles and many classes together.) We went out like 5 times during the first 2 weeks of March and things were going great. Then of course corona happened and though we texted a tiny bit here and there, we basically stopped talking by the beginning of April. I spent a good month and a half thinking about him quite a bit as I really liked him a lot and wanted things to keep going but unfortunately things fell off. We're both not very big texters and instead consider ourselves to be more in-person type of people, so it just didn't really work during quarantine times.
I ended up texting him at the beginning of June when social distancing starting to lift a bit and asked if he would wanna meet up so we did. I had a book he had lent me that I wanted to return, plus I was just interested in seeing what he was up to. The first couple of times we met up again things felt a bit uncertain in that I wasn't sure if we just gonna be friends or where he was at romantically. Things were obviously romantic back in March and we had kissed and what not, but obviously time had passed. I know he had still been active on tinder throughout April and May, and actually changed his bio and pics literally a day before we started talking again, so I wasn't sure what was up but we left it sort of open ended to just hanging out throughout the summer since we were both around and free for the most part. He's also a super social guy and has plans to like go camping and whatnot with friends throughout the summer. Eventually it comes out that he has a job lined up about an hour and a half away that's supposed to start in the fall. He's tried long distance a few times in the past and it never works out for him, so he doesn't want things to get serious between us because he doesn't want to do long distance in the fall. So he's basically just looking for a fling for the summer. He communicated with me that he doesn't wanna hurt me, and he knows that I really don't have any dating experience so he also sort of has that power over me. In a way I'm like developmentally 16 years old with this being my first sort of "love", but he's well experienced in dating so it's not the same for him. I basically told him that part of me was a bit concerned about getting too attached but that I would try and just have fun and enjoy it for what it is. But we made it clear that communicating is important and it's ultimately what prevents people from getting hurt and it felt great to be open and vulnerable about that sort of stuff.
So throughout June we've been hanging out and it's been fun. Mostly just going on drives and walks and hanging out under the stars and all of that summer love stuff. A couple weeks ago I had gone on tinder just to clear a notification and saw that his location had changed meaning he was clearly still going on even though we had been hanging out for a couple of weeks at this point. I guess my understanding of a summer fling was that it was still exclusive and just the 2 of us, even within the confines of the time limit. It started to eat away at me thinking he was possibly talking to other girls and I didn't know it, and after we had a convo about the importance of communicating I decided to ask him. He told me yes he goes on tinder just to swipe but that he isn't really talking to anyone romantically or meeting up with others. This bled into us having another sort of "what are we" convo. His exact words were that we were "just hanging out and just vibing." He told me he feels somewhat guilty because he doesn't wanna lead me on and sort of dangle me by a string. I tell him again it's not a problem and that I'm monitoring my feelings and like trying to keep things in check (though to be honest at this point I was already like in love with him). It's also probably important to mention he's had experiences like this in past summers with girls so I'm assuming he's just trying not to repeat the same mistakes. During the week we had this conversation we had hung out quite a bit, like 4 days out of 7. We even hung out back to back days on Sunday and then Monday, which felt like things were ramping up as we typically just hang like every few days. We had the conversation about him not wanting to lead me on on Sunday and then hung out on Monday night and it was like peak romance on Monday. Had a fire on the beach, kissed, cuddled, talked about life, hopes, dreams until 2 am. Total juxtaposition to him the night before saying that we're just hanging out and vibing. At that point it felt like total committed relationship like as if he's my boyfriend. At one point he's even like offering me his sweater to wear because I'm cold and all of this stuff. We were standing there holding each other and he said he had a day where he just had the desire to be held, so he really enjoyed that. At one point he was even resting his head in my lap and I was just playing with his hair. I even told him that he's good and smooth, like totally creates this romantic fantasy and I don't even realize it's happening I just like like blink and I'm charmed and then we're cuddling by a fire. So after this night I totally realized I'm screwed because I really like him and it's gonna hurt like a bitch when he leaves but I decided to commit emotionally and let myself fall for him and be hurt because like "tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all", right?
He is realistically almost always the one who texts first about hanging out. There was one day a couple weeks ago where I had asked if he would be free one night and he said maybe and he would let me know. He didn't text me until 10:30 that night to say he was free, and at that point I was already going to sleep because I have to be up for work at 7. The next night he texted and said he was free, I was too so we decide we'll hangout after he finishes working out and taking a shower. He ends up running late and needs an extra half hour to get ready. Then he suddenly remembers he has a phone call with friends at 9 that he forgot about, but he's still down to hangout after. At that point I was irritated and tired and said nah and just went to sleep. But anytime he texts me and asks if I'm free I'm always like yes sure and he picks me up and we hang. So cut back to this week. After the night this past Monday on the beach with the fire we didn't talk for a couple of days so on Thursday night I decide I'll text him and see if he's free once I finish my online class. He texted like an hour later saying he just woke up from a nap and wanted to know what I had in mind to do. At that point I was sort of cranky and had an off day so I was really honest with him and said I had a frustrating day and just wanted to see him and be held. I texted him this Thursday night around like 9:30 and he has yet to text back and it is Saturday morning now. Totally left me hanging. After this I have of course totally spiraled because I'm pissed off and just feel disrespected. I know there's no total obligation like we're not officially dating he's not my boyfriend I know it's casual but I still deserve a text back? Especially after all that shit last week like I feel so lost and confused??? We hang out consistently back to back for a week and end with a bang and then he just like doesn't text me and leaves me hanging???? Part of me thought I did too much by blatantly saying I just wanted to hang out and be held like as if that made me needy but like what's the difference between him holding me by the fire and saying he had a day where he just needed to be held? Of course too now I spiral back and think about a million other things and wonder if I'm missing red flags and totally being played? Like is he a total fuckboy and I didn't see? To be totally honest I am the type who will easily put my own feelings aside for the sake of others just to stay away from conflict so rarely do I stand up for myself or see the problems with others behaviors (even all of my friends have said with this guy, don't let him walk all over you) and now I'm afraid I've done this. Is he using me by just texting me when he wants to hang but not giving me the same energy in return? And why does he make a point to say he doesn't wanna hurt me and that he feels guilty if he's still gonna lead me on and be all romantic and charming? And why the hell hasn't he texted me back???
It's really hard to navigate because it's not like it's just casual and we're friends with benefits or anything, it's not all about sex. We're still friends and honestly have a great emotional, spiritual, mental connection too like there are very much so feelings involved. Sometimes we hang out and nothing physical happens at all, not even a kiss. Then other times it is more physical and much more happens. It can feel like we're in a full relationship even though we're "just vibing" as he says. I still really like him and do genuinely think he means well but I don't know if I'm still just blinded by his attention. I'm really just looking for other peoples perspectives because I don't know D:
Also after I didn't get a text back and really thought about it, I myself went on tinder because fuck it, if he can then why can't I? I haven't actively started talking to any new guys but like should I? Is it wrong that I feel guilty for doing that?
Again just looking for anything anyone can add, insights or advice. As of now I'm just trying to wait a few days to see if he's gonna man up and text me and then go from there. I know he's supposed to go on a camping trip sometime in the next week also. I don't wanna seem totally crazy but I really just feel disrespected for him to leave me hanging and kind of wanna tell him that, I don't wanna let myself be walked all over.
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2020.06.08 04:05 a24fiend How do I go about asking this guy to hang out again without seeming clingy?

So I went on a lunch date with this guy who asked me out online. The date went reallly well and he messaged me after being ridiculously complimenty and asking when I'm free next to set up another date. He asked for my snapchat and alluded to me coming over the next night. I said nah lmao bc I didn't wanna give him the wrong impression. After that we tried to make plans but schedules clashed, he said he was free on friday and when I asked what time he's want to meet up he just all of a sudden ghosted. I sent a casual snapchat but he hasnt opened it and it has been three days ? This guy is also genuinely super busy constantly but not opening the snapchat for that long I was a bit like okay lmao. I've ghosted before and am also just a shitty texter so I definitely understand but it was so abrupt. I have a party this weekend and I really want him to come, maybe just to hook up at this point. So how do I go about it? At this point we have each other added on everything and we've texted a bit so I dont know what to message or what platform to do it on. We really hit it off and I'm not ready to give up on it yet. Throw me your advice pls (21 y/o female)
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2020.06.06 02:20 normalni Diary 08 - 6/6/2020

So this year has been a year of losses for me. From the very beginning. I've lost everything I had, from the very start my 3 year relationship broke apart, of course by now I am well aware that it is better that way, I was just being used constantly, and my issues and problems have always been put down and considered irrelevant, so I didn't need that kind of relationship. But that came with its set of issues.
First of, we had a joint business which I basically set up, marketed and sold, apart from that I did all the communication with the clients, handled the payments, promotions, and all that is business related. He only had two things to do - clean up and welcome clients, and take care of his sick mother. The first one required 2-3 hours of his time every two days or so, if timed properly. But of course he wasn't even able to do that each time. Every weekend, and every off day I had, I did that job instead. And that was after I started working full time, but before I did, I was doing it with him or by myself, rarely would he go about doing it by himself, and each time he did it was major drama.
Fast forward to the very collapse of the relationship, I was doing all that, I was even sometimes doing it during my shift if I was clever enough to make my business near the place, and sometimes when I just couldn't I hired friends to do it, which was always last minute as he would rudely impose it on me, which in turn made it very embarrassing for me to ask, but I paid well, and kind of hoped it would even out, but they are friends and didn't do it for the money anyway. First it was New Year's, when we had all our friends over to celebrate, mind you, the queen was shut off in the bedroom for the majority of the time, and those brief moments he did join us it was to seed chaos in the group. I assigned that to his depression, for which he was medicated and was exploiting it to the maximum. As the person who always desires to be in need of attention, and is also being extremely extroverted in order to keep it that way, he was very skilled at delegating persons around him, and each time someone performed below his high selfish level of expectations, he would go on a rant so far that insulting that poor individual to tears would be just during his morning coffee. An extremely negative person would emerge and start calling you out for mistakes from the beginning of history, mistakes as seen from his point of view, as he you see could nit believe that every medal has two sides, and person's inability to perform certain ideas of his may be due to circumstances which he is not informed of beforehand, which in turn means it remains imprinted in his mund as such regardless of what one might say later to justify their inability. There can be extremely strong circumstances, and they wouldn't be regarded at all, they wouldn't even be heard in the first place and if they were, quite soon would be dismissed. But why would one need to justify themselves constantly, you might ask, well you just hate the injustice and misunderstandings, and you want to correct those from your nature of your being, after a while exhusing yourself from blindsided stories becomes a daily activity.
Just a few days after the NYs was my birthday, and he managed to downplay me even on my birthday, insult me, criticize me, not to go into all the details, I pretty much had to feel like shit because of him and his versions of the events. After that I've caught him lying, sexting all kinds of nasty things, to the point I actually puked reading it. The pictures and the writings were horrible, but the one that broke me was the bareback fuck session he had arranged while I was on a trip. So all that pretty much burned down once the breakup was starting and he wasn't owning up to any of it. It happened over the weekend and on Monday I had planned to go on a trip to Lisbon where we were initially supposed to go together, with his best friend, but he had fucked up the friendship half a year earlier and he and said friend weren't on speaking terms any more. Once he found a firm reason as ti why not to go on that trip I decided to go alone and maybe join his friend when possible. But as the faith wanted it, I had missed my flight, and didn't have any money to spare to switch flights, and considering the breakup and all I had to pick up and assemble back home, that moment was most definitely not the right time for such trip, especially alone. I just do not trust I would have acted as dignified as I put myself be, and would probably do something stupid on that trip, so being it like that, I returned home, where we lived together with each of our dogs.
For the last two months he slowly spent less and less time at home, planning said breakup to make him look like a hero(which it didn't), and during that time I was at home caring for dogs, cleaning up his laundry, taking care of joint business, all while working full time, overtime when we were shooting new product and so on. I was wrecked bent over backwards while also finishing my masters thesis which had to be submitted around the time I was supposed to come back from Lisbon. None of my work has been registered, and was returned with mr's alone time sexting and cheating around. I was pissed to say the least. I knew about the messages since Christmas, but it wasn't untill I witnessed him going to meet a guy telling me he is going to the supermarket that I flipped.
After that nasty breakup, I had already taken a week off for the vacation I was supposed to have, I used that time to patch myself up, collect my shit and organise my life. I had to move out as I could no longer afford the place by myself, I begged him for a month to come pick up his things and his dog, but he wouldn't, until I had to push and corner him into doing so, playing civil, because I was moving out the next day(lease wasn't up for 5 more days) but I couldn't take his dog with me. Day before the movement of his shit, friends came over to hang out with me and spent the night. In the morning they offered to walk the dogs and go buy some breakfast in the bakery, upon leaving the house they ran into him, and he went along with them. When they stopped to buy food my friend asked him to hold my dog, and upon leaving said bakery he handed my dog's leash back to him immediately, saying he is no longer his to care(after I cared for his dog alone for the past two months, he would only come see her once in two weeks). Extruding your frustrations on an innocent dog went beyond what I thought of that man. He fell so low in my eyes, I couldn't believe I loved a man like that and never saw it.
Soon after that I was notified of my contract termination, and that I had a month left at the company, where I was doing a fantastic job, but let's just say the salary was late up to 20 days for the last 5 months, so it didn't come as a huge surprise, but the cherry on top was probably me refusing to sign the contract where I proclaim myself financially and lawfully responsible for the company refusing to purchase legal software for me to work with. It has been 3 months since I left, they still have no new content on their social media, they are actually recycling old content and my content, which is sad and funny, but let em have it. So on top of having to find a new apartment and a new job, and was broken by the person I loved, I felt like there was nowhere to go but up. Boy was I wrong.
I managed to find a great apartment, with an old roommate of mine and his cousin, nice guys and bearable for cohabitation. We had lot of common ground, and the apartment was beautiful and landlords even better. As I moved out 5 days prior to lease end, I was planning to return and clean uo the place for new tenants, but my landlord Baba already went inside before the lease was over, not only cleaned up and complained about it, but actually threw out my remaining things in the front yard like a pile of trash, and took my AC, which she refused to buy on several occasions, even refused to pay less that what its worth to leave it once I was leaving. She fucking hid it in the garage, trying for days to find a way to keep it, which was worth mkre than two months lease of her shithole dump apartment. I was shocked and furious, which of course wasn't the end for her, she hired someone to steal a very expensive bike from the new tenant, telling him it was for sure me and my ex, even to go so far as to give him our contacts, resulting in me receiving a very threatening phone call which was unpleasant to say the least. I simply told him that the Baba was insane, and I don't want to go near that place let alone steal anything. I told her a month in advance about leaving as was in the contract (which wasn't valid in the first place), fixed up a bunch of shit over the years living there - electricity, bathroom ceramics, windows, knobs, floors, the apartment was falling apart, but those are the conditions you have to accept when renting with a dog. Not to mention the insane amount of humidity, which the AC I bought only shown me 3 weeks in - the output water was black in pores, and I was breathing that shit in for two years.
I also got in touch with this boy I had a crush a few years earlier, I took a course on his university as my extra, and we didn't really talk much back then, but I was so hot for him. I remembered I had followed him on instagram and unfollwed because I was in danger of starting flirting, but as a taken responsible person, I didn't do it. I still vividly remember sitting next to him, following the lines of his face, the curves of his lips as he would smile or talk. Boy that voice is so hot. Then he would place his hand on the desk, and I saw his arms are hairy, and just got all weak in my knees. I don't really know if he was funny back then, but I do know I cracked up like an ass to the slightest sign of humor he extruded. Getting closer with someone you never had a chance with before now, happens like once in a lifetime, and you grab it! And this might sound like don't meet your heroes story, but really it isn't. The boy (I wl call him the boy as he is the first person I have dated that is younger than me) helped me move my shit, did all the heavy lifting, and made me all weak in my knees. I sent him "signal" on instagram, just to see if he was picking up those. Took him two days to respond, I honestly thought he's just not that into me, but nah, he's just a bad texter. As the time would show we spent so much time together, inseparable, I almost thought my roommates will start asking rent frrom him. I was excited, everything started going fine, even my masters thesis passed solid, and I thought to myself, this is it, things have started to take the turn for the better, finally! But then came the March and Covid-19, and we were already two weeks in isolation, which was really nice for us, me and the new boy, who is btw named exactly like the ex, and the one before him, and I swear the name is not a condition, it just happened like that. So we have spent all that time together enjoying ourselves and not getting bored of each other. I started falling for him real bad, like someone smacked my head with a glass bittle Heineken sixpack bad.
On March 22nd, the 5.7 Richter strong earthquake hit the city center, leaving devastating consequences. I remeber it was 6.30 am, I am hearing my roommate screaming, and I open my eyes to see the walls of my bedroom rocking left and right, My dog is panicking I quickly put on pants grabbed my dog, jacket and slipped on sneakers and we all ran outside, just like the entire neighbourhood. Everyone without masks, coats, it was mad freezing outside, and I started panicking in the crowd of people not wearing masks during the highest outbreak of pandemic we had ever experienced, being right next to Italy, I must say uneasy is an understatement in this situation. After the third earthquake we went back in grabbed a few things and went in my car, drove to the parking lot where there were no high surrounding buildings listening to the radio when will they say it is safe to go back in. Hundreds of people weren't able to go back into their houses, we were lucky enough that we could for time being. I packed my essentials and my dog, sat in my car and drove 400km to my parents place where my mom and sister are. My new guy went to his parents place the day before the earthquake, and hours after that the public transport was cut off. We had no chance of seeing each other anyway. Then the quarantine was enforced, during the two months I have managed to see him twice, once for a day and once we spent a week together, a beautiful week, and too short of a week.
So here I am, without a job, without an opportunity for a job, without my own home, and apart from the only person keeping me sane. The last money I had saved up, I wanted tk get some weed and at least relax properly. So I arranged with my friend's boyfriend, gave him the money and he was supposed to give the stuff to me in two days time. Which has now turned to a month, of that month two weeks of me begging for my money to be returned to no avail. So now I don't have weed, no money, and obviously no friends here I can trust, my whole life here is just miserable, and it is no wonder I have fallen into dark depressed episodes that laster well over two weeks. I am just fucking fed up woth this god damn year. When will it fucking be over already!? I think it would be fucking enough!
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2019.12.29 08:06 Violet_Romantic FINAL UPDATE: I (29F) had a regular customer (28M) hint at giving me his phone number. I was flattered, but I froze.

WARNING: Supremely long story full of unmatched confusion and tiresome immaturity follows

Original Post:
First Update:
I waited a little bit to post this update because I was so disappointed.
So, after posting the last update on Reddit, I called the number on the business card he had given me. When I mentioned who I was, he became extremely flirty and complimentary, saying, "I remember you. Very pretty girl, giggles a lot, cute smile." I took advice from one of the Redditors who commented on my last post and hit him with the flirty, "I was just wondering if you were actually trying to recruit me, or if you were trying to ask me out on a date." He said, "If you want to see a movie or get coffee sometime, just let me know." So we agreed to meet on Saturday (a week ago) at a nearby coffee shop. He said he would text me from his personal number (we were talking on his business phone.) So when we hung up, he did indeed text me. The first thing I noticed was that his texting was extremely dry. I really like to be flirty through text with whoever I end up in a relationship, and just share things throughout the day. All of my attempts at making jokes or being cute were met with either one word answers or no replies. This confused me because in person and on the phone, he is pretty flirty and likes to joke around quite a bit. As this was my first time texting him, I wasn't sure if this was how he always was in text or not. He could've just been busy at work. So I put it to the side for the moment.
It was a Wednesday when we made the plans to meet. I didn't hear from him at all until I decided to text him on Friday to confirm the plans to meet the next day. He replied with a very straightforward, "Yes 12 Starbucks." It almost felt like setting up a business meeting or something. But again, he could've just been busy, or maybe he just didn't like texting. I didn't know yet. But it made me feel like he wasn't as excited as I was.
Saturday comes, and I show up at the coffee shop. He's outside waiting for me. He hugs me, but very awkwardly. That's fine. Some people are awkward huggers at first. Our conversation went pretty well once we were inside. I liked talking to him. But he did not seem good at expressing his feelings. I know it was only the first date, but after we had been talking a while, I asked him how he felt about me asking him out, and he literally just shrugged. So that made me feel good (note: it didn't). Also, we got to talking about dating experience, and he mentioned how he doesn't like talking about feelings so much. And that he hates "being psychoanalyzed," also mentioning that he feels like his sister likes to psychoanalyze him. At the time, I wasn't sure exactly what that meant to him, but I found out later (comes up again late in the story).
But, still, he asked me if I would like to see a movie with him. I agreed. On there way there, I jokingly (but telling no lies) told him that he was a bad texter. He said, "I'm gonna be honest with you. I hate calling and texting. I have to do it all day work, and I just don't like to do it in my free time." Okay, so that's the reason. But I don't really think it aligns with what I would like in a partner. But I'm still interested in seeing how the rest of the date goes.
We get to the movie. A little while in, he puts his arm around me, which I like. But then I start to feel like he wants to kiss me, and I'm not really ready for that at the moment, so I try to avoid it without being awkward. But then at a certain point, he puts a hand on my chin and turns my head so that he can kiss me. I kiss him back, even though I wasn't really wanting our "first kiss" to be surrounded by a bunch of people in the theater. So I kiss him back but then go back to watching the movie. But he still wants to kiss. So then I tried just leaning back in my seat, with his arm not around me anymore. I figured he would really have to go out of his way to try to kiss me since I was no longer leaning on him. Well....he really went out of his way. He literally shifted his whole body and put his head in front of mine (so I see his head instead of the movie screen) and kisses me, and says, "I could do this all day." I sort of awkwardly laugh and use my hand to physically push him away. Had to do that several times. I wasn't initially completely opposed to kissing him, but the more he tried, the more I became opposed. I didn't want to spend half of my first date making out in front of strangers.
So after the date, I had already had plans to meet up with my friend/former coworker. He volunteered to drive me there, and we talked some more on the way. At one point, he randomly says, "I'm probably not gonna text you. But if you text me first, I'll reply." I jokingly (but again, telling no lies), said "No, I'm not gonna do that. If you want to talk to me, you can text me. If not, I'll just see you whenever you come into my store, and I'll say, 'Hey, that was a good one time we had.'" To be honest, I probably should've just ended things right there. I don't mind texting people first. I do it all the time. My issue was that he literally just spent hours trying to kiss me and then just straight-up said he was not going to contact me afterwards. I found that to be pretty offensive. But then he hit me with, "I'm gonna come see you at your job tomorrow." (He works next door to my job, and also goes to the gym nearby.) I said okay.
So the next morning, he comes in and we talk briefly before he says, "So you never called me." I was confused about what kinda games he was trying to play. So I just said, "Yeah, I told you I wasn't going to." He said, "Well, I told you I wasn't gonna call you either." I, now exasperated, replied, "Well, it looks like we both did what we said we were gonna do." He said, "I am a man of my word," and THEN HE JUST LEFT. If you have no plans on calling or texting me, but still claim to be interested in me, then least you could do is make plans then and there for the next time you'll see me. But nope. He just walked out. I don't hear from him again, but then...
THE NEXT DAY HE COMES BACK INTO MY JOB. At this point, I can't hide my irritation, and when I see him, I blurt out, "What are you DOING here?" I didn't understand what he was getting at. He claimed he needed to get some energy drinks. He makes small talk with me while I am ringing him up for his items, and the texting thing comes up again. He said that I didn't text him. I said, "Well, you don't like texting." He said, "No I don't like texting FIRST. I told you if you text me first, I'll reply. It's different." I just said, "Nah," and then very formally handed him his receipt and said, "You have a good day, SIR."
Later I decided to actually send him a text explaining how I like to hear from the person I'm interested in throughout the day because it lets me know they're thinking of me and like they are actually interested in me. He said, "Understood." So I asked if I could call him. I thought I should formally end things so that he didn't pop back into my job with any more BS. So he called me and sounded excited to talk to me, which confused me. I tried asking him if the no texting/calling thing had been a problem for other people he's dated before. He mentioned how he hasn't had a great amount of experience with dating, and then "reminded" me that he doesn't like to be "psychoanalyzed." Bruh. So then he hits me with, "These are kinda deep questions. How about this: What are you wearing?" Y'all. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was left speechless. I guess he was confused about why I went silent, so he asked if I was alright. I said, "I'm just disappointed." He seriously had the balls to reply with, "Imagine how I feel. You still haven't answered the question." And that, my friends, was my breaking point. I told him that we are just too different from one another, and that we were not gonna work out. He seemed to take it just fine.
The End

Edit 1: Forgot to mention that the last time he came to my job, he did tell me to let him know the next time I was off. I told him my off days, and he still just walked out without making any plans to see me.
Edit 2: TL;DR: Went on a date with a regular customer who gave me his number. Turns out he just wanted to make out and, for some reason, pop into to my job to see me without actually wanting to talk to me much outside of that.
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2019.11.19 21:38 almond_flour For those of you who are struggling/frustrated, what are you doing differently to improve your dating outcomes? What positive realizations have you had?

After a lot of false starts and general flailing over this past year, I think I need to move to a more solutions-based approach because the "hoping for the best and putting myself out there" thing is as effective as thoughts and prayers.
About me: I'm 32/F, work in public finance, have a graduate degree, no kids, never married, physically fit, not "hot" but often described as "cute."
Here's what I've learned and what I'm doing:
  1. Direct communication. As a woman, I quickly overcame the anxiety about messaging first and asking out. I'm actually a pretty good texter and I've learned that I'd rather lead the conversation than let an otherwise decent guy start off a conversation with "hey" (which honestly usually kills my interest due to the low effort). If I lead with some humor, I usually get it back in return (assuming I get a response!). I also almost never say "lets' get together sometime." Instead, I would say "do you want to grab a drink after work next week." That way the activity and general time are already defined, and we just have to pick a day. Yes, some people will cancel once you ask for confirmation. I also have suggestions for food/drinks right off the top of my head. A lot of people are shy about making the first suggestion, so I usually list about 3 and let the person choose.
  2. Biggest one--but I've learned to deal with rejection at all phases. Many first messages do not get a reply despite being witty, funny, etc. Oh, well. He isn't attracted. Guy disappeared after I mentioned hanging out? He must have only been half-interested to begin with. Multiple hours/days between text: pretty much always a slow-fade or ghosting. Ghosting after multiple dates...ouch. It still hurts, but I recover way faster. At the beginning of the year, I remember wallowing, staying in bed, and skipping meals because I was ghosted during Valentine's week. I don't want to do that anymore.
  3. State my job in my profile and what I am looking for. This was actually hard for me to do and took me nearly all year to actually write down. I wanted to be the cool girl with the travel pics and rock climbing photos who was "down to hang out." I hinted that I had a career, but didn't full-on mention it because I wanted to seem approachable and not intimidating. But after multiple dates with guys who were just now going back to school, or were in between work or living situations, I realized I was not attracting people in the same station of life as me. I now state that I'm looking for a companion who is intelligent and adventurous. So simple, but I think I was afraid of stating that I wanted a "companion" because it feels like I'm admitting that I'm not totally okay with being alone.
  4. It's silly, but I'm into this "self-partnering" thing. I know it's a bit of a meme and millennial joke, but if I'm dating myself, that means I need to dress up for myself everyday, even if it's just earrings and some lip balm. That means I don't skip my Monday night yoga class just because I'm in a sour mood. That means that I get to treat myself to a face mask or fancy coffee even if it costs a few extra bucks.
  5. Stop complaining so much. A few months ago a friend of mine called me out for being negative about dating. I'm usually a pretty friendly person, but hearing that made me realize that I was being a burden on my friends. I still complain, but I try to catch myself when I'm going on and on to the point of obsessing.
  6. Take social media and dating app breaks. I'm guilty of checking my dating apps dozens of times a day and viewing the social media of my crush frequently. Sometimes I delete the app from my phone (but not necessarily deleting my profile) to force myself to take a break. The added step of re-downloading an app can keep me offline for a few days.
  7. Set goals that have nothing to do with dating. I enjoy travel and was able to spend a few weeks doing that this summer. This meant that I was making bookings, setting a budget, etc., which was a healthy distraction from dating. I also have been doing more running and rock climbing at higher grades. I learned to decorate cakes this year and made one for a birthday, and another for a bridal shower.
  8. Not fully there yet, but accepting that most things won't work out. I get that this sounds pessimistic, but in the realm of love, things tend to fall through the cracks for me. I've lucked out in school, work, travel, friendships, etc. My effort has always had results to match. But relationships? Nah. You can follow every rule and still lose. I think it's important to be hopeful and even indulge your fantasies a little, but you have to be careful not to let your imagination get the best of you and miss out on important red flags.
Anyway, I still am in the process of learning. Despite everything I've learned, I don't think I'm making much progress, but I'm trying to be more kind to myself in the process.
I kind of want to write a post about how to be happily long-term single and how to accept the fact that some of us might not ever reach our relationship goals. What do you think?
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2019.05.12 12:28 TurbulentCod47 TIFU by accidently sounding like a creep to my friend's crush

This happened right when I got back with hanging out with a friend. I'll admit I don't really get out much and I'm not much of a smooth talker nor texter. My friend and I were driving around my neighborhood and remembered a girl he liked lived near me. So like the natural thing I do, I said something like "Hey, me and my friend are driving around the neighborhood, would it be cool to stop by?" My friend is looking and me like the fuck is wrong with me, but I was thinking, "nah, she wouldn't think much about it". To put in better context, me and this girl haven't talked in 2 WHOLE YEARS and whenever we talked, it was for classes. It hadn't clicked in my head till she responded "that was a bit creepy so hard pass". I was trying in my small brain to wrap around how the fuck it was creepy. I was asking my friend why it was, and he was looking at me like I'm a moron. Don't worry though, it gets better. I then sent "oh, ok. Sorry if I sounded creepy." The girl then wrote "that didn't sound creepy, IT WAS creepy." I slightly still dont understand how I messed up, since people that I'm not that familiar with stop by my house every once in a while. It anyone can help understand a bit more, I'm all ears.
TL:DR, I sounded like creep to this girl my friend likes and took slight offense to my apology. I'm not smart socially and don't understand fully what I did wrong
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2019.05.01 03:11 fuck-ya-mudda Conflicting Love Interests

So guy número uno 1) I just met this guy this past weekend at a Caribbean party. Amazing personality, loves to pick at my brain, is a personality over looks type of person and has a great sense of humor. He says and does everything right so far but is a HORRIBLE texter. Sometimes he’ll respond back instantly other times like right now I’m left questioning if he’s ever going to text me back. It’s been four hours. I’m also not the type to text him and be like “are you okay?” Like nah if I get ghosted I get ghosted it’s how life is. But now guy number 2) comes to job on occasion when I’m here and we legitimately have the EXACT same type of music taste. And I’ve always been telling myself to go after any guy who loves Anderson Paak, Janelle Monáe, and Mac Miller as much as I do. And he does!! On top of which we share even MORE artists of interest. But I JUST got his snap and I don’t really know much else about him except for the fact that we love the same type of music. I know life’s is short but that I also have to take things slow but it’s so hard when me and guy 1 FaceTime and it feels like we can talk for hours (which we do and which I love) but then we don’t really share much music taste in common except for Caribbean music and he’s mixed . But then I don’t know guy 2 very well except for the fact that we share every music genre in common (except for Caribbean I don’t think he’s into caribbean music he’s a white boy and I’m Puerto Rican). Idk I just wish we could look at someone and just know if they’re the one because now I’m not sure if I should try and get to really know guy 2 or just keep it pushing with guy 1. Same music taste is an incredibly important characteristic for me in a guy because if we can’t listen to music together and enjoy it then what tf are we doing??
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2019.01.25 22:43 Signal_Dinner Girlfriend (27F) went to another guy for advice about our sex life

This one has been sitting with me for a while, and it's still really affecting me.
Some quick background first: English is my girlfriends second language (it factors into the story a little).
A couple of months back, my girlfriend was working with a guy we'll call John. Her last night at that workplace, she was planning to go out to drink with him and her other co-workers. She didn't know any details so I said "just send him a message". She clams up a bit and goes "Nah I'll call him". She calls, he doesn't answer. I say again "Well, text him them". Again, she seems determined not to message (at least not with me within viewing distance of her phone). I get a bit suspicious (she's a heavy texter), so I ask straight out "Are you hiding something from me?...".
She tells me that she was talking with John the other night, and she told him that she'd never had an orgasm before. She'd never told anyone that information before, so I was taken aback that she trusted a co-worker more than me with it. I also wondered why she would tell him of all people (she'd only known him for three months at this point).
Anyways, she worriedly shows me her messages.
They went a little something like this (bits in italics are clarifications she made to me during the ensuing conversations)
Her: *triangle shape*
Him: Does that mean good or bad?
Her: It can mean either (Not good, not bad, just in the middle)
Her: We tried a different position. I still didn't like it. (I did not have an orgasm)
Her: Help me John!
Him: I'll give him some coaching
Her: I'll be watching to make sure!
Now, I'm not worried that she is into this guy at all, or that there is anything going on. She's planning on making some big commitments that just wouldn't make sense if there was something there (eg moving countries to live with me).
What my actual issue is, is that my girlfriend basically told another guy that I wasn't too great in bed and that he should help me. It made me feel like she thought that he would be better at sex than I am, and so he would have some tips to offer. Even if (due to her English language skills) her messages can't be read strictly literally, what the other guy received was "I didn't like the sex we just had".
Now, I still haven't actually met John and I'm not sure if I want to now. I've literally never felt so embarrassed in my life. One of the only things he knows about me is that my girlfriend confirmed he should give me some coaching and that she didn't like some sex we had. And that's only just the stuff I've seen that she's told him....
The advice I need is: How do I move past this? I worry now that she isn't enjoying the sexual side of the relationship. Since this all went down, I've even managed to be the first guy to bring her to orgasm, but I still worry. I'm an insecure person and this just really hit me like a tonne of bricks. She says stuff like she loves our sex life, she enjoys it etc, but how can I trust that's true now? I thought with time I would get over this, but it's stuck with me and I'm too embarrassed to get advice from my friends about it :(
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2018.10.06 10:57 TroubleBeingMyself I can't tell if she's actually my "friend" or not. Am I wrong for being annoyed?

I have such a long story about this girl. Like, it's nuanced as fuck and it would be a large wall of text to explain, so I'm going to keep it really brief. I met her in my freshman year, immediately had a huge crush on her. Asked her out a semester later, after she broke up with her boyfriend, and got rejected. I was never much of a texter and hadn't texted her a whole lot. We were cool for a while, then I started to not be able to drop the feelings for her so I distanced myself, and now it's Senior year and I've started to message her more often since I've largely gotten over my feelings for her + I actually enjoy her as a friend.
Really condensed, a lot more to it than what I wrote.
Basically, she's got a lot of friends, and I'm not all that close with her since I asked her out. Our messaging is pretty basic, and that's really it. She never really messages me on her own, I'm usually the one to start contact, but it's only once or twice a week, if that. She still responds like any other friend does, quick, holds a conversation and she'll let you know if she's out of the conversation or not. We're friends, but not "great friends", we barely talk or see each other.
The problem is that I can't figure out how much of a friend I actually am to her? It's kinda small, but she never really takes "plans" with me seriously. Like, I was talking to her a while back about a game we're both really into. She mentions to me that she'll be on later and asks if I'd be down to play. I say sure, a few hours later she's online and I ask her to play. "Nah, I think I'm gonna play by myself." I mention another day, she says sure. Same thing that day. Etc. Another example is 2 weeks ago I saw her on-campus and we started talking about a website and I asked her to send it to me when she got home. Didn't send it to me till the next time I saw her IRL.
I'm wondering because she just did (or at least, I think is going to do) this again today. We're both in the same class but different sections and there's an exam coming up in 2 weeks. I wanted to ask her to study, so I kinda brought it up in a message. I guess I wasn't very good at hiding my intention because she asked me to study, but again, I just get the feeling she wasn't being serious like all the other times. Then again, all the things I listed have plausible excuses - she might not have wanted to play with anyone by the time she got on the game. She might've forgotten about me asking for the website till she saw me again. But I'm not sure, and to me it seems like she flakes super easily on me. Since she flakes, I kinda just responded with, "I'll let you know" to her asking if I wanted to study with her and left it at that.
I'm just having trouble figuring out if I'm actually a friend to her, because honestly, she flakes so much I feel like I might bother her or something. If I do bother her, I'd hope she'd tell me, but as far as I can tell, she sends me normal length messages, responds on time, is pretty engaged whenever we talk, IRL she doesn't seem to hate me, so what gives? I'd hope it's not that I asked her out 3 years ago, because I'm over that myself.
Like, she's super chill and I don't have any bad-feelings towards her at all, but it's really annoying and it makes me feel like I'm the one doing something wrong or that she secretly doesn't like me. Should I say sure, let's study or just forget about it?
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2018.08.26 21:27 YellowFak Extreme Behemoth Attempt #538

Extreme Behemoth Attempt #538
So here's a short story about 2 (Trung and Long) friends meeting up with 2 (Kairi and Alisa) persons on the Official Monster Hunter World discord, attempting the EXTREME Behemoth for the first time of their life. I want to say I love you guys, except for Long.
We followed the youtube video about going in with 1 HH only-healing and 3 HBG spamming cluster bombs.
So we created an online session, said "Hi" to each other except Alisa, because he probably ate his microphone trying to kill this guy before he met us. We thinking "Nah", this is not stopping us and we said use emotes or the in game chat instead.
We died... a lot. Long died a lot. Seriously a lot.
After 2 hours, around 300 max potions and most likely 500 cluster bombs, we finally beat him first try. First try, my fren. :worrySweat:

Some funny happenings:
"Oh god, I forgot to bring Cluster Bombs ammo." Great, that was ur ONLY job, bro.
That moment when one member says "Now is the time to use Temporal Mantle" and everyone equips it, except he uses one that is of another color... realising it was the "Bandit Mantle" and "Farcaster'ed" out thinking we did not see it. L-O-L.
Honestly, Alisa, you probably have some stories yourself, but as you are a way better texter than voice-chatter, I am unable to write stories about you.
One guy called it, that this was the run that he was going to die and it actually did. Why did you not call it earlier.
I had a blast and super fun!!
See you next time Capcom tries to give us something easy like this. :worry:
TL:DR: We did it!!!
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2018.07.09 06:40 falling_flowers Am I actually annoying or bothersome to my boyfriend?

I unexpectedly had to move 45 mins. away from my old home to live with another relative. I have no car, and neither does my boyfriend. So, we usually text and sometimes FaceTime.
But, sometimes I feel like I text him too much. Guys are simple texters, right? Mostly brief, to-the-point answers. I’m afraid of texting a paragraph and him only sending short sentences. Sometimes I feel like I have to text him something small after I text him once for him to text me back.
Maybe I’m overthinking it. I worry easily. I told him about this today after we had been joking around a lot.
Me: I feel like I text you too much
Him: U don’t
Me: Nah I feel lowkey annoying
Him: Omg stop
Me: Stop what? I’m being fr
Him: You are not annoying
Me: I beg to differ
Him: Do you think I’m annoying
Me: No, but I think I bother you too much
Him: You don’t. Ur gucci
Me: If you say so... 🤷🏼‍♀️
Him: Are you ok?
Then I told him more about the tumultuous month I’ve had (long story short I got grounded and eventually kicked out of my house and my stepmom and dad hate me).
He told me multiple times that he’s really sorry, he feels bad about it, and that he really wishes he could help. But obviously he can’t do much besides listen.
Idk. Do I ramble? Do I talk too much? Am I overthinking it?
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2018.05.25 21:35 aggiebayne Random Text Weirdness

Not sure what sub this should go on, but it seemed somewhat relevant. Everything that happened below is true. Names of people/places have been changed.
It all started with a random text message from an number that I did not have saved in my phone. I'll refer to myself as Raymond Brown and the texter as Billy White.
*At this point, I call Billy because I no longer think this is a random text and this is someone whose number I have deleted over time and hope I will recognize the voice. We have what can only be described as an awkward conversation where he says I sound different on the phone and makes references to things that never happened between us and that he had a missed call from me before texting. Phone call ends with me being more confused than before.
The story could have ended there, but I was curious, so I do a search on FaceBook for Billy White in New Orleans. Only one profile seems relevant, so I click on the profile. Nothing too weird, but I do notice that he worked at Home Depot-New Orleans (which he referenced in his text) and they have a Facebook page. Maybe it will reference the other Raymond in question, so I click on the link. Takes me to the Facebook page and there is no mention of a Raymond, but the last post to the company's wall was left by a Billy Brown (combination of my last name and the other texter's first name).
Nothing over the top crazy, but a jumble of random things that just made me think that the universe is winking at me today.
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2018.04.03 02:32 Dark_Snowy Fear, Part 1: Scared of Doors (Secretly Evil Cleric)

Previous - Index - Next
Related to Barbarian's Delusion
DM posts into group chat: "Please private message me you characters greatest fear."
I message her: "Has no fear."
"Make one up."
"I can't think of anything."
"What do you fear in real life?"
I think about it... "Fear itself."
Have a long conversation explaining why fear itself is so scary.
She asks "Do you ever have nightmares?"
"Great. What are your nightmares of."
"In my nightmares I or someone else are attacked by scary monsters."
"Ummm, and then what?"
"Well, I have superhuman strength, the ability to teleport and can fly, so I kill all the monsters and save anyone in danger."
"How is that a nightmare?"
"Well I'm not invincible. Fighting monsters is scary. I could be killed."
She types out "sigh That's every-day life for your adventurer."
"Okay, maybe he's not without fear? Maybe he faces his fear every battle?"
"That's no good. I need something else..."
She has an idea, "What did you fear as a kid?"
"Any have you ever had any other nightmares?"
"Well... I've had dreams where I'm naked in school but I never really cared so it's not a nightmare... and.... oh..."
She seems interested, "You're such a dramatic texter. What did you think of?"
"Well, I used to have this dream where my family and I had to enter this barn to get to a storm cellar because a hurricane is coming our way. The barn has a heavy wooden door and it is flapping around violently, and randomly, in the wind. We each take turns trying to run through and sometimes people get crushed by the door."
"Fear of hurricanes? Okay."
"No, the hurricane is just the catalyst. It's the door."
"Your greatest fear is doors?"
"It used to be."
"Seriously? That's not a very good fear."
"Well I had a heavy wooden door slam shut on my hand while nobody was around and I had to tear my own finger off, spattering blood everywhere as I ran to my mum, to be taken to the hospital. I was a little kid, sorry if you don't think my fear was scary enough."
"Alright, alright. I just meant it wasn't a very good fear to use in the game. Sorry if I upset you."
"Nah. I'm fine."
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2017.10.30 21:02 Lotus-Phoenix Playing hard to get. Is this still a thing?

Whew... I over reacted. I guess he is just a super slow texter. We are meeting on Monday at 7PM at a mutually convenient place. Lesson learned, be patient and DO NOT PLAY GAMES.
New guy who works in the same place as ex has been in touch with me since our first date. Its a good thing. Not overly texting, but making sure that we are both aware of each other's presence.
So today, he asks me what my plans are for next week (I am on mom duty this week). Off the top of my head I knew there wasn't anything going on, but I did double check my calendar too make sure the week was free. And sure enough, nothing was lined up. Before I replied, I hesitated... should I tell him I have tentative plans? Nah...whats the point. I'm totally free and I do want to see him again. So I texted back that the week was open. He asked if I wanted to grab a drink on Monday and I replied "I'd love to". Then... nothing.
Was I overly eager? Should I have played that differently? Most guys I've dated would make plans to meet a few days before the actual date. New Guy always asks a week before and I find this very refreshing. I'm not a last minute thing. But with the no response to my last text. Im not quite sure.
I've gone through a lot of relationship/dating books and one of the most common advice they give is basically to play hard to get. Don't always be available. Is there any truth to this? Gah... so confusing. THIS IS WHY I AM SINGLE!
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2016.10.19 18:22 Motp1214 Everything has changed in my relationship and I'm running out of options.. I want my girl back.

Okay. I'm 16, my girlfriend is 15. We used to go to the same school, I left over a month ago, before we even said we liked each other, for work purposes but I'm supposed to be coming back and want to be with her while I do. I don't want to break up then go back to that school.
Anyways, I wrote a very lengthy post about this, but I forgot that the mobile version of this site is absolute ass when it comes to posting, at least on my end, as the sub Reddits don't load, in which I had to go back and it erased the damn novel I typed.
I'm going to make this shorter as I don't have much time, so let's get to the background info, this will be pretty long, skip 3 paragraphs. You may skip the 4th one, but it more or less is describing our relationship and how it used to be vs how it is now.
To summarize things, me and my girlfriend have been dating for nearly 4 weeks, which isn't long. But the feelings I have for her are strong. When we met, she was barely interested in me, or at least gave me that impression, she gradually wanted to talk to me more and more before we both confessed to having feelings for each other. I have a friend whom I now am beefing with, they never had feelings for each other, but she met him a little sooner than I met her, and they sort of sexted and she's even teased him with pictures of her ass, of course with jeans on, though. Knowing this, it hurt me, considering the fact that I was already jealous, even tho we could barely be considered friends at that time, I already was into her, I didn't even realize I had feelings for her. She, even today, still talks to this asshole.
We began talking, and she found out I had called her a hoe, which I did when I barely knew her as I was hurt with her actions, but I do regret it. I confessed and wanted another chance, and thankfully, I had gotten it. She then decided to tell me all these guys liked her and whatnot, the reason being she wanted to be honest with me and wasn't going to lie or hide things from me, which I actually appreciate a lot. Later on in the talking stage, she ended up liking anther guy while already talking to me. It hurt me a lot and I left her twice, the first time, she liked me a lot but didn't know if she liked the other guy, the second time, she realized she did like him.. I came back both times because I couldn't let her go.. I already had strong feelings for her.
When we became official, she still cared for him, but upon seeing I was aware of that, because I'm not oblivious to things and I'm not going act like I am, she basically sent me multiple messages saying she doesn't anymore, I'm her one n only, I have her heart, I'm her baby, me over any guy, etc. She's threatened to leave me the day after due to my beef with this one guy, who was calling me out so I was trying to fight. I guess she didn't mean it, the next morning she told me she didn't mean it, she loves me and she wished she could cuddle with me and kiss me and tell me how much I meant to her.
So I guess in a way to describe how she is, she can be an ass, she says things she doesn't mean, and isn't afraid to get out of line..
She isn't much of an effort shower, she doesn't really talk much, she's always been dry, so that doesn't bother me a whole lot. If she ever went too far with me, she'd usually feel bad and give me a paragraph, something she believes she isn't good at doing but I love them lol. She sometimes would blow up my phone if I was taking too long to respond, calling me "babe", "baby", "asshole", etc lol.
Well, let me fast forward to more recent times. Last week, on Wednesday, we fought on the phone, I got mad and just didn't say anything, eventually she felt like I didn't care anymore, and she cried. I comforted her and she told me that if I ever feel like I'm not cared for or loved, I can leave whenever, she began to cry again when saying that.
After hanging up, she wrote me a paragraph, that she's aware of being a bitch to me but she does in fact, love me. That she wanted me, she wanted a hug and a kiss from me, and for me to tell her we're going to be okay.
Well, before going to bed, I gave her a paragraph, reasons being she wanted one, and because I wanted to make her feel better, I mean she's my everything, I don't want her to cry and feel like shit because of me.
The next day, I thought things would be good, we fought again over her saying these guys have her nudes and showed others ( she USED to be a hoe, she admitted it to me, I looked past it and accepted her, as she's changed ). And she felt she couldn't say anything to me despite the reason I was getting mad was because she sometimes will say things about guys trying to fuck her or having nudes of her. She questioned us and I had to call her, we talked for a couple hours, I did most of the talking, I even had my voice break a few times as I was scared I was losing her and I had to save our relationship.
Now, we were good for 3 days, Friday ( when I saw her, she got emotional upon seeing me ), Saturday, and Sunday.
Now, Monday. As in two days ago, the fake asshole ex friend I'm beefing with gave her food and she put him on Snapchat with a heart emoji. You can tell they hugged. Now I always knew they were friends so I wasn't surprised over them talking to each other, but seeing that definitely spooked me. She told me he asked her out, and she asked if she should go, she was joking and said she loved me. But I was mad. She told me she'd talk to me later and called me "fam" before saying she loved me. I said "fam?" And she said " I mean babe " and then I said " oh ok well I love you too " and she was gone for 3 or 4 hours, I was slightly paranoid she was with him.
Later that day, she said "what's good", which isn't something she used to say to me, that was new, and I said "nothing you?" Well she said she was finding shit out, which scared me, I'm sure I never did anything as I couldn't remember anything I've done or said that I didn't already tell her about but I was still paranoid. The asshole told her I was lying to her, that I was talking shit about her and showing the group chat pictures of her, a group chat I was kicked out of long ago before me and Lorena were even really talking. She believed him! And I got mad, so she said "ok I believe you" and being that I was still mad, she said she wasn't tryna do this ( argue ) and said "goodnight".
The next morning, yesterday, she said "hey, babe, I love you, ok" and I said it back, she said "promise?" And I said "yes". Afterwards, I asked her if she'd still talk to that guy, and she said yes. I got upset but wasn't trying to fight, I reminded her of last night and how he's trying to take her from me, he just wanted to fuck with her. She said she'll try not to talk to him. I asked her about the convo and what was said and she said "nothing". Her friend read the conversation to me over the phone last night as she had her password, and I told her everything. She got mad at her friend and said she'd talk to me later.
She ended up texting me a few hours later laughing at me because of a rumor my asshole friends told her, I confirmed it wasn't true and to not believe them, I was mad. I asked if she was gonna not talk to me until later and she said "Idc whenever", which bothered me. I asked if she still cared for me and she said "yes." Then I asked if she still loved me and she said "no.", "Nah I'm playing". And I said "Ig".
She then said "idk, this shit is really tiring" which either meant she was tired of being with me or just the fighting.
We basically almost broke up. I sent her an extremely long message along w/ a collage I made using the pictures and videos of us from Friday, and I'm positive she didn't read it. She said "Damn that's long and eww that videos gross".. it shocked me honestly. I was crying lots, yes I sound like a Bitch.. but I'm hella crazy for her. Even now.
She then said if I took off the audio and then maybe it'd be good. Then she said the paragraph was cute, so I felt maybe she wasn't planning on leaving as she didn't say anything about doing that, but it was still unusual. She always showed more emotion, even if she would say that, she'd at least throw in a heart. She asked if I wrote something else about her. I ended up showing her a paragraph I wrote to her friend concerning my girlfriend.
My girlfriend basically told me what she told me on Wednesday, that she doesn't wanna see me like this. I can leave whenever and that her own sister feels bad for me and tells her to leave me because she's a bitch to me. I should mention she called me fam intentionally and did not say she loved me and cared about me this time. I asked her if she loved me, cared for me and wanted me. She said yes to all of those. I asked if she appreciated me and she said yes.
Despite us being good, it's obvious she didn't really, at least, SEEM to care. She wasn't even sounding sad when telling me I could leave whenever. It does make me wonder whether she actually wants me or not seeing as how she never broke up with me and instead is saying if I want to leave I can.
She was active on fb throughout the day but took forever to respond, at one point she just said "omg sorry I didn't see your message" . I said it was okay then I sent her memes late at night, and she said "when your boyfriend has 927292981 memes saved on his phone" and I responded with an angry emoji as a joke and she said "but you love him anyway", which gave me relief and made me think "maybe we are good after all." Now she's a dry texter, so it isn't unusual for her to be dry with me or anyone, but I did find it pretty odd for her to just say "Gn" out of the blue in the middle of a conversation, like how she did when we first met and she didn't feel like talking to me anymore.
It was even weirder to me when she didn't say she loved me after saying goodnight. She just left me on seen after I said "Gn" and this morning said "aye" instead of her usual "hey", "goodmorning", or "fucker". She also has been saying "what's good" a lot.
Even now in our conversations, despite us both being dry to each other, it seems and feels different. I feel like a friend, not her boyfriend.
I've been crying a lot last night and today. Reading her old messages. The paragraphs, telling me I'm her baby and she loves me, when she'd blow up my phone, and yes, I I screenshot and save those in an album on my phone, I value them, don't judge me..
I want my girl back. I've done so much for her, I was always the one trying to save this relationship even though I almost never fuck up.. The feelings I have for her are stronger than the ones I had even in my longest relationship. And I'm extremely attached. I want things back to how they used to be, I feel like deep down, she's done with me. She's tired of me. She's ready to leave, she won't be sad if this ends.. I just need help.. I can't leave. I'm not ready to let go.
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2015.12.21 10:01 ficklepickle22 I'm sort of over this girl, but I really wanna know if you think this is a bit much?

TL;DR: I asked a girl out, got a non-definite answer. Twice. I'm moving on now and would want to stay friends.
I've never actually had good friends throughout highschool, I wasn't the most popular and tbh the activities all of my "friends" were into definitely weren't my thing. I've met 2 kid in my college the first semester, one a girl I really like and the other a childhood acquaintance who also likes the same girl. He has no idea I've made a move and seems to think I should - he thinks she likes me. I asked them both to hang out after finals, and my friend last-minute had to work and she said "She wanted a chill day". I said sure w/e, text me if you're up to it to both of them. (I asked them each separately, so the rejection from her to hanging out was not because she didn't want to be alone with me.). My friend texted me again the next morning telling me he really had to work, and she never texted me. I texted her that afternoon, she WAS chilling when I texted her. Around 8 I get a snap from her, and it's her at the mall with friends. I text her later, and, according to her, she really didn't want to go out but her friends dragged her out. I told her next time, let me know, I'd like to go. She said she was sorry and forgot about me. I asked if she wanted to hang out another time, she said sure she when she was free. She's not free the next few days. Her winter semester starts like after new years. Technically, my date offer is still on the table even though I'm over it. I don't like texting relationship stuff to others, it's a personal, person to person matter. I want to hang out with her to discuss the stuff that happened recently and tell her exactly how I feel so she doesn't get the wrong idea. I want to hang out with her as a friend, and I'm almost afraid she's coming up with random shit to avoid doing anything with me.
She always does this stuff though. In the past, she's been fickle as fuck. She always is doing SOMETHING and ALWAYS has a legit excuse for whenever I ask her something. Even stuff I thought wouldn't be legit (I'm cleaning my fish tank, I can't play WoW with you right now sorry :(" I told my other friend. He tells me, "Nah she was being legit she told me about cleaning it LOL".) Her responses on text sometimes seem like she doesn't want to text me, but she's also a fucking horrible texter so there's that too.
I just wanna know if you think she's trying to avoid me or not. She's told me she really does want to hang out and see me and my friend over break, but honestly I'm beginning to suspect she's just stalling it as long as possible, or she's afraid I'm going to ask her out or something cause the last relationship thing I ended with "The offer is still on the table."
Yeah sorry if it's a bit long or whatever.
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2015.01.09 20:54 johnson443xxxx2 Just a simple quick question about me (m19) and the girl I like (f19)

Sort of wrote too much lol, the tl;dr at the bottom sums it up nicely...
So I like this girl, we have been talking for a couple weeks and it's been going well. We've hung out a few times and each time chemistry just seems to continue growing. She has asked me to hang tonight, and I agreed. It's pretty obvious she likes me in the way she acts..and obviously wishes to see me.
What the "issue" is is communication ... I take she's not a big texter but I kind of take that "seriously". Multiple times she's fallen asleep on me and never texted back in the morning... like okay fine. Last night she stopped responding to my texts, thought she fell asleep but saw she saw my snap story I posted a few hours later so was I like "uhhh okay then."
So for today's date, I'm going to see if she contacts me because I feel I always contact her... maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing but I just feel if you like someone you'd make an effort to get back to them. I take hours to reply at time but I will get back to you, I'm not asking you to respond right away... just answer back when you can? Obviously I understand she's busy, but considering we've been seeing each other and obviously say we like each other I feel we should talk more often too you know? I talk to best friends daily, I don't find it weird.
Other than that..when we are together we get along well and she tells me of all the places she wants to show me and sh*t...obvious excitement to be with me.
tl;dr girl I am seeing likes me and we hang often and do fun stuff together and there's interest in both sides, but she is a horrible texter. Big deal or nah?
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2014.11.03 22:53 EvilCarney Mixed signs, hot & cold, not sure where to go, need help from fellow redditors!

So, I met a fella online. Nice guy, gamer, pretty full of himself though. Plays mind games a little (Was hurt continuously beforehand by ex etc). Seems to have a complex about being a 'real man' so he lifts Insert do you even lift bro joke here! But these are just things I had picked up on and could be wrong. He's incredible into me when we're together. Lots of cuddling etc.
Anyway, we had a great week of continuous dates. He has never been a real big texter, but always made contact first. We have not mentioned exclusivity or anything like that...It's only been a week :/ So I don't believe I've scared him off with that.
He is clearly into me. We have a lot in common and, most importantly, he has not got the goodies yet! So, no He was just using you responses please gang :)
So, Wednesday, I stay at his place. He tells me that his pre-planned 2 week vacation to see his family has fallen through (Personal reasons), but there has been a death in the family so he may have to go anyway (Not so much the fun reason he was hoping to go for a I imagine). I invited him to a Halloween gaming party on Saturday, depending on whether he was going back home, and he said he'd like to come providing the funeral wasn't then. Low and behold the funeral happened to be on that day, so of course I expected him to leave and attend that. He told me he was still thinking about it and he'd let me know.
We had a lovely night, despite there being things on his mind, I'm sure. The next morning he gives me a lift to work and tells me that he'll try and have an answer for me by the afternoon about his plans. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary other than him looking a little down (Understandably).
An hour later I get a text from him saying that he is going to the funeral on the weekend. Of course I understood and said so.
I then made a big mistake...Any gamer who has been internet deprived for a couple of weeks would want to do nothing but game when they get said internet back (I know this because I'm the same way). He was leaving on Saturday and texted me on Thursday. I made the mistake of asking if he wanted to see me on the Friday before he leaves...duh, no would be the answer hah. He probably wants to chill and game before an 8 hour drive, right...
He replied with: "Nah, all this driving is expensive". Normally I wouldn't be offended, especially seeing as this guy's texts have always been terse and he plays little games now and then anyway.
Instead, I did get my panties in a bunch and said "Well I would come to you" (Big no no - too available for someone else)! Then I said "Or shall I take that as a hint.
He responded with "Take it how you please" Shudder...
I replied: Well it would be nice to know if you would like to see me again (At this point I almost feel physically sick with my needy texting)! The shame!
He didn't reply for a few mins and then wrote: "Yeah, we can game later".
I said OK and that was the end of it.
Many of my buddies who know me well have said that it wasn't a permanent blow off, but definitely a cold response requesting me to back off.
This was on Thursday. He went to the funeral on the weekend (Saturday I believe) and, according to his text will be in his home town until this weekend.
I've heard nothing from him since then.
I've also not contacted him at all on account of letting him get his family stuff and other commitments done, but that little blue worry monster is definitely present.
I'm wondering, was this a blow off (Did I neurotically ruin it before it started), or have I salvaged it by allowing him the space he needs to do his thing and not blowing off his phone.
My other question is, do I contact him again? My intent was to text him later in the week asking how things are. Do I wait for his return to text me or do I...Shudder again delete his number, forget about him and move on?
Would be great to get some opinions on this y'all :) Despite being actively social, dating and mind games are not something I'm used to. I'm also not trying to marry this guy. Just like him and enjoy spending time with him.
Thanks a bunch!
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2014.08.01 17:24 N8CCRG Texting and driving kills! Let's not actually read the article though.
Headline seems straightforward: "A judge condemned motorists who use mobiles while driving as a “plague on society” as he jailed a woman who caused a fatal pile-up after texting and taking calls on two phones while travelling at 70mph."
So, the woman was texting on one phone, and talking on two phones, and that caused an accident. Time for everyone to jump on their high horses, and that's exactly what happens in the first five comments:
Research has been done to show that reaction times are worse when on a mobile than if you're just over the alcohol limit.
Yup, reaction time is bad, causes accident. Case closed.
Why the fuck do you need to be texting and talking on TWO phones while driving? I don't understand
Sure does sound absurd... and maybe even impossible. Perhaps we should try reading the article now? Nah... JERK AWAY!
Driving home tonight on a 110kph road. Car in front is weaving around, dipping down to 80kph then back up to 100ish then down again. No constant speed. Pull up next to it at a junction and the chick driving is texting away, phone not even in front of her but holding it over the passenger seat and looking over to the left.
Oh, I need my anecdote (that is probably heavily exaggerated) about how this exact situation happened to me and I was lucky enough not to be killed! At least, we assume it's the same situation... we still haven't read the article yet.
You ARE a plague on society. My job is driving, and to get there I commute by motorbike. When you are texting, you're worse than drunks. All over the road, crossing lanes, blowing stop signs and intersections, no signals because that'd require two fucking hands.
Americans have had the wrong mentality about driving since the beginning; Privilege, not a right. You shouldn't get to drive, you should be allowed to drive after you have proven your competence, and I'm not talking about that horseshit DMV test, I've been in that office and watched blind old ladies get passed through the eye exam because they 'forgot their glasses' or some other pile of shit.
No you didn't, you're blind and you can't drive. No, it is not okay to never use turn signals in a 2 ton vehicle going 70mph.
It doesn't help that our police are mostly in it for themselves with traffic enforcement. The shit I've seen while a cop nearby either let it slide or was too busy fucking around with the laptop in his car would make you cringe.
Regulation regulation regulation. It may not be the American way, but maybe the American way is retarded.
I realize this isn't a strictly American problem, I'm just approaching this from the point of view I already have.
Okay, clearly exaggerating a whole hell of a lot, but who cares because we aren't talking about the article because none of us has read it. Oh, and let's throw in the anti-police jerk and perhaps some anti-US Conservatism undertones too for extra karma.
Finally, the first person to actually read the article is only the sixth comment:
I agree with all of this about texters being an awful plague. I've been hit three times by a driver on a cell.
However, the evidence shows that she hadn't been on her mobile in 6 minutes leading up to the crash.
Ian Brownhill, in mitigation, said that Usaceva, of Peterborough, was the sole carer for her eight-year-old son, whose father lives in Latvia.
He added: “There is a gap of six minutes – I would say clear water – between using the phones and the accident itself.”
If she wasn't on it at the time of the accident then we are persecuting someone for their actions 6 minutes earlier that occurred possibly 6 miles away and that sure as hell doesn't sit right with me.
Oh look. She wasn't on the phone when the accident occurred and the two are unrelated! Heaven forbid we let something like reading get in the way of the circlejerk though.
Imagine how different reddit's reaction would be if instead of phone use they had evidence she had been eating a sandwich or something.... 6 minutes prior to the accident.
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Nah nah nah nah song - YouTube 'nah this year sucked for Minecraft' -Notch - YouTube Haschak Sisters - Nah Nah Nah - YouTube Minecraft Pack de Texturas que usa VEGETTA777 1.16.1 ... Nee-Nah! - YouTube DREN x FUEGO - NA NAH ( Official 4K Video ) - YouTube Is it REAL or NAH?? OUTRE Duby Wig 100% Human Hair - Texture Cut – 4 ***Nah am Feuer*** Andrea Berg Vaya con dios - Nah neh nah - YouTube

Z.E – Sverige Vet Lyrics Genius Lyrics

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  2. 'nah this year sucked for Minecraft' -Notch - YouTube
  3. Haschak Sisters - Nah Nah Nah - YouTube
  4. Minecraft Pack de Texturas que usa VEGETTA777 1.16.1 ...
  5. Nee-Nah! - YouTube
  6. DREN x FUEGO - NA NAH ( Official 4K Video ) - YouTube
  7. Is it REAL or NAH?? OUTRE Duby Wig 100% Human Hair - Texture Cut – 4
  8. ***Nah am Feuer*** Andrea Berg
  9. Vaya con dios - Nah neh nah - YouTube

Let's compare Minecraft Beta 1.3 to modern versions! » Theory Playlist - » Get a Min... Is this unit REAL or NAH??? It’s the OUTRE Premium Duby Wig and its 100% Human Hair. It’s in the style Textured Cut and the color 4. ... Style: TEXTURE CUT Color: 4 Purchased: for ... a music by DREN and FUEGO produced by Joey4k & mixed/mastered by MIXEY it's out now. Directed by ERZENOLOGY Executive Director: Gentian Kitmiri Makeup By: RE... 'Nah Nah Nah' Available Everywhere! iTunes: Spotify: Belgium's biggest exportgroup of Dani Klein: Vaya con dios video from 1990 FORUM: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Nah am Feuer Licensed to YouTube by SME (on behalf of Jupiter); LatinAutor, LatinAutor - Warner Chappell, Warner Chappell, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, and 5 Music Rights Societies #PlanetaVegetta777 #Packdetexturasdevegetta777 #SoartexFanverTexturePackVegetta777 Minecraft Pack de texturas 1.16.1 que usa VEGETTA 777 en planeta vegetta (... The epic heavy metal track by Freddy Fox has finally dropped! Another music video by Roscoe McGillicuddy! Source Music: